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Pre-cessation NRT

NRTs help support reduce smoking, with the goal of complete cessation1,2

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NRT supports
smoking reduction

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NRT supports
complete cessation

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NRT helps manage
post-cessation cravings

How effective is it to use NRTs before a smoker’s quit date?

In a meta-analysis of four studies3*:

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Pre-cessation patch usage significantly increased the odds of abstinence, both at 6 weeks and 6 months after quit date.

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Pre-cessation treatment with nicotine patch was found to double the odds of quitting compared to starting active patch treatment on quit day.

*Two studies examined NRT alone, 2 studies examined NRT plus mecamylamine.

Pre-cessation treatment with nicotine patch significantly increased abstinence rates4*

Graph of increasing abstinence rates when pre-cessation is used

*Results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (N=400) that evaluated pre-cessation against conventional treatment. The trial consisted of a 2-week treatment phase where patients were provided a 21 mg nicotine patch (“pre-quit date”) or placebo patch, and a 10-week study phase, where patients received a nicotine patch (21 mg for 6 weeks, 14 mg for 2 weeks and 7 mg for 2 weeks).

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