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Healthcare Professional resources to help customize your patient’s quit journey

NRT How-to-use Quick Reference Guide

NRT works best when it is used as intended. Download this easy-to-use guide to counsel your patients on the proper usage instructions for each of our formats.

Go to the NRT How-to-use Quick Reference Guide PDF

Patient Quit Guide

A guide for patients that covers the smoking cessation process — from the benefits of quitting, to dealing with withdrawl symptoms, to quit methods and to product information

Go to the Patient Quit Guide PDF

Quick Counselling Guide

A folder that covers key talking points on smoking cessation for when you are talking with patients. Help patients quit by providing quick councelling to discuss NRT combination therapy, the benefits of quitting, and offering them the Quit to Succeed: Benefit timeline.

Go to the "Quick Counselling Guide" PDF

NRT Feasibility Calculator

A tool by Primary Care Pharmacist Heather Hadden to help patients understand the relative cost of NRT in compairson to the money they are spending on cigarettes

Download the "NRT Feasibility Calculator" spreadsheet

Drug InterACTIONS with Tobacco Smoke

The New Canadian Guide was developed by Pharmacist Roh Pohar, as a table containing some of the effects tobacco smoke — and quitting — can have on these medications.
Knowing which drugs interact with tobacco smoke can help inform dose adjustments, monitoring and smoking status changes.

Go to the "Drug InterACTIONS with Tobacco Smoke" PDF

The FASTeR Approach to Quitting: A new smoking cessation tool by Mike Boivin

The NEW FASTeR tool was developed by Pharmacist Consultant Mike Boivin, as a practical approach to help your patients become non-smokers.

“By regulary integrating this tool into practice, healthcare professionals can reduce the impact of smoking on disease risk and mortality.” Mike Boivin

Go to the "Faster Approach to Quitting" PDF


The Breakdown with Allison Dore Podcast: Episode 1: World No Tobacco Day

The Breakdown with Allison Dore Podcast: Episode 1: World No Tobacco Day

The Breakdown with Allison Dore Podcast: Episode 2

The Breakdown with Allison Dore Podcast: Episode 2

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